Asake VS 9ice; Follow The Trending Twitter Topic Here

Music lovers on Twitter have opened up yet another discussion involving comparison between Asake and other street music greats. This time, the discourse centres on Asake and 9ice. Follow the conversation here.

Nigerian music lovers have kick-started a conversation about 9ice’s hold on the music scene back in the late 2000s in comparison with Asake’s current appeal and chokehold.

This comparison was triggered following a comment from an account on popular social networking app, Twitter. The tweet had read, “I feel Asake is a more talented and socially accepted 9ice.” Several other users on the app have since stepped in to weigh in on the tweet and the ensuing discourse on 9ice’s music reign in comparison with Asake’s.

Asake 9ice

Follow the 9ice VS conversation below;

Asake 9ice
9ice Asake


Asake 9ice

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