You Can Control Yourself Over Cheating By OluwaBravo Joseph Kayode

“Fact Or Trash” You Can Control Yourself Over Cheating

It Is Not All About Love, So Many People Are In Love But Still Cheats On Their Partners, That Someone Is Cheating Doesn’t Mean They Don’t Love Their Partner And That Someone Is Not Is Not An Assurance That They Are Deeply In Love With Their Partner.
If You Are Cheating Or You Know Someone Who Is Cheating, Three Things Are Involve, They Don’t Have Discipline, They Don’t Have Self Control, Their Life, They Don’t Respect. I Know When There Is Fear of God This Three Things Will Surely Be In You, But You Been Discipline Or Having Self Control Or Even Respect, Doesn’t Have To Do With Religion But Something You Have In You And You Can Obtain It For Yourself, You Have The Power To Control Yourself From Cheating, If You Really Respect Yourself And The Person You Are Dating You Won’t Cheat, Anyone Without Self Discipline Is Worthless, You Can Discipline Yourself From Some Act That Your Instinct Go Against, Those Who Don’t Cheat Don’t Bring The Ability From Heaven, They Are Not Born In A Spacial Way, They Don’t Have Two Head, We Are All Human, Anybody Can Decide To Have Hundred Partners, Thou You Might Have Seen People With Multiple Wives That Are Discipline, But Let Me Tell You That When They Were Making Decision To Have Multiple Wive They Were Not Discipline, They Don’t Have Respect For Them Self And They Can Not Control Their Self.

Love Have To Come With Respect, Discipline And Self Control, If You Say You Love Someone And You Are Cheating In The Person You Lack Respect, Self Control And Discipline. It’s Better You Let Go The Person You Think You Love And Follow The Person You Are Cheating With, It’s Better You Date Thirty People In A Year Than Cheating On One Innocent Being With Just One Person For Years. We All Have The The Ability To Cheat But Remember It Cost You Nothing To Be Sincere, You Can Do It, Control Yourself, Respect Yourself and Your Partner, Be Disciplined.

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OluwaBravo Joseph Kayode

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